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    Jing Zhou
    Jing Zhou graduated from Cambridge Univ. studied Business Management. expert in law, business and technology. He has Entrepreneurial experience from England to China on online platform business and technology.
    He has rich experience in the fields of financial transactions, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain business. He has rich knowledge in composed communication, customer service, problem-solving, conflict management, marketing skills.
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    James Wong
    James graduated from Harvard Univ.
    He was responsible for technology architecture, infrastructure, and big data platform. He has rich knowledge in quantum cryptography, information theory, and optimization algorithms. He is an active researcher in blockchain, cryptography, and AI technology.
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    Brent Ho
    Brent is an innovative business strategist and blockchain evangelist. He has a diverse background of over 10 years in business operations, business development, partnership and people operations in the high tech industry from Tencent and Microsoft. He had designed and launched multiple strategic initiatives to engage users at multiple levels, and served as a trusted advisor for engineering teams in forming joint development to talent and resource management
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    Carlos Castro
    Carlos used to work with Colombia Government. He contributes Bitarena with his professional and academic experience in the fulfillment of the objectives of the entity for which he works.
    His professional growth allows the implementation of my scientific and empirical knowledge.
    As a professional in Government and International Affairs he is interested in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of programs and projects aimed at improving the quality of life.
    He has the ability to work as a team leader, arrange and lead strategic projects and a professional and intelligent vision.
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    Ryan Dash
    Marketing director
    JRyan graduated from University of California.
    He has understanding in maintain visual aesthetics for E-Commerce website by creating graphic contents
    And analyze and report monthly website performance metrics.
    He is able to assist directing, styling, and photographing seasonal photo shoots and Produce print design, lookbook and marketing collateral for suite of products
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    Adam Jones
    Marketing director
    Adam has rich career in developing concepts and producing content across multiple social media _atforms and channels that fall under Brand Daily.
    Experience: Daily e-mail Blast, monthly sales, social media, online marketing, and merchandising.
    He worked with CEO, Creative Director,Marketing and PR team leads in developing and maintaining content that aligns with the company’s brand and image and developed / presented content strategy based on top-level marketing / merchandising plan
    He contributed to trend research and application to concepts
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    Ahmad Tufail
    Chief Blockchain Architect
    Ahmad graduated from SBS College (SBSCE), University of Delhi, New Delhi, India
    He has lead Tencent QQ game back end development. He is specialized in blockchain infrastructure development and distributed system rchitectures.
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    Habarakada Liyanage
    Gayani Sanjeewani
    Data Analyst
    Habarakada graduated from Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA
    She has sophisticated method in analyzing big data. She has worked to develop business strategies for domestic and international clients and support them in marketing and branding their products. Since 2017, She is fully focused towards block chain technology and she is significant working with engineering team. 
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    Andy Tung
    Andy has graduated from Ho Chi mihn University
    Andy is the programmer of both ”LIVE SCORE” and “FANTASY SPORTS”. He successfully developed live sports APP. He has rich experience in architecture and developer.
    He has worked with many domestic government projects. UAV monitoring system developer, custom service management system developer and programmer, MDM, MDS, MAS,
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    Ewout Pieter Emile deVos
    Director, Business Development
    Ewout had extensive experience in steel and copper trading in primary market. He was the chief manager in greater China are for steel business at Trafigura in Singapore. He is also and innovative tech entrepreneur media serving millions of users.
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    Jerry Cheng
    Director, Business Development
    Jerry has various experience in blockchain and projects. He used to implement Boncafé imports and distributes the well-known coffee brands Boncafé and Segafredo Zanettii in Hong Kong as business Executive. He was involved in project with APAC, designed and sent out marketing campaigns to clients ,Measured effectiveness of marketing campaign and evaluated marketing tools , Identified APAC market trends from various sources including data analysis
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    Mustansar Ali
    Business supervisor
    Ali has graduated from Swedish Istitute of Technology Gujranwala
    He has experience in various blockchain projects. He specializes in secondary market, derivatives market and crypto market.


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    Daniel Biesuz
    Daniel is an expert in law, business and technology. He is a Partner & Managing Director at MLaw | Legal Structuring in Zurich, Switzerland. He has many years of experience giving advice on crypto asset management, STO/ICOs, whitepaper, token economy and also marketing campaign. With his financial and management background, he also helps set up company structures in various jurisdictions.
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    Darren Franceschini
    Born and raised in Ontario, his education is in business administration and management at Brock University. Darren also has computer programming degree which led him to the world of cryptocurrency. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Blockchain Technologies Consulting Corp (BTC). At BTC, he works with more than 50 blockchain companies and financial institutions and has been expanding internationally in over 10 countries.
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    Michael Atkinson
    Living in Australia, Michael is a strong believer in technology. He has a vast amount of experience in cryptocurrency trading and investments in blockchain technology. He provides managerial, advisory, and administrative services to ICO and STO projects. His qualifications lie in business and retail management, IT networking, electronics and a certification in real estate. He is the founder of KCS Services which is a retail giant in Australia.
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    Andrew James Long
    Andrew is known as a deal maker, a media enterprise growth and marketing strategist, a content monetizer, and an accomplished crypto exchange listings specialist. His expertise lies in IEOs, STOs, market making, exchange partnership, territorial funding and investments. Such wealth of experience in both domestic and abroad led him to help with numerous startups, helping them with establishing presence, market visibility and most importantly, with sustainable revenue footprint. As a digital entrepreneur, Andrew’s passion for technology has led to many company listings in a global setting.
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    Manif Rifat
    Manif lives in Dubai and has finance and accounting degree from American College of Dubai and Preston University in the U.S.A. He has almost ten years of experience in finance at the Noor Bank and he also served as a Senior Operations Executive at the Amlak Finance. He is an expert in advising upcoming ICO projects which includes but not limited to setting up business models, marketing strategies, and market analysis needed to bring the startups to the next level.
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    Ivan Mok
    Ivan has a degree in Physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
    He is a co-founder of Hky Group, which is a Chinese language digital marketing agency that specializes in WeChat marketing and payment services. He serves as a Strategic Advisor for the Bean Industrial Group helping with marketing, networking and technology application. He is a co-founder of the IKF Crypto Solutions, which is a company that focuses on research and development of fintech and consulting services.
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    Sachin Bhargava
    Sachin is from India and has a degree in electrical and electronics engineering. He has a deep-rooted experience in website design, video sharing technology using blockchain, AI, machine learning and cloud service. He serves as an advisor at Webcoin from Bulgaria, which is a company that combines digital marketing, blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is an advisor for Fan360, based in London that provides a complete sports community fan experience.
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    Jineshwar Kochar
    Jineshwar has degree in business/commerce, business administration and a Master of Science degree in investment & finance at the Queen Mary University of London. After graduation he worked in the field of finance. And as a crypto analyst at the Crowd for Angels Limited in London, Jineshwar has experience in sourcing & analyzing equity, debt and crypto asset investment opportunities. He is a comprehensive solution provider giving end-to-end solutions for blockchain companies